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Strategically placed within the Free Trade Zone in Izmir, Safe Spice provides globally approved sourcing capabilities for Cumin, Aniseed, Coriander, Blue poppy and Fennel. All seeds are processed on its state of the art seed cleaning line and finally checked by our infra-red & color sorter. Safe Spice is able to guarantee 99.8% pure and allergen-free seeds, making it a global leader in our seed product ranks. Safe Spice specializes in producing premium quality of herbs, particularly parsley and basil, through the use of unique infra-red and optical sorting technology in its herb processing facility.

Safe Spice uses special technology designed to sterilize herbs and spices while ensuring 5 log validated salmonela reduction with minimal color and volatile oil loss. This inimitable capability sets a class of its own and is validated by international certified laboratories.