Naturland Organic Certification

We are proud to announce that Kutas Group has been accredited with Naturland Organic Certification for various seed products in our portfolio.

What makes Naturland certification unique?

Naturland organic certification system takes current organic certification process one step forward by expanding certification focus to cover social issues and use of natural resources. Naturland serves to strengthen Organic farming by linking social responsibilities and Fair Trade farming on both local and global levels.

Sustainability which is the major topic for Naturland certification is evaluated under 3 main categories; Organics, economics and social. Besides auditing organic products for certification, Naturland also inspects advanced crop rotation for healthier soil (use of legumes for rotation), and sustainable use of natural resources; with a special focus on water management. When evaluating Social aspects, Naturland carry out inspections of labor health and job safety, as well as measures taken to eliminate use of child labor.    

Certified Products: Cumin, Aniseed, Fennel